Benefits to Individuals and Community

Benefits to Individuals and Community

Bunbury Garden Labyrinth will deliver many benefits to the South West region; both for those individuals who come and walk the space, and more broadly from a Socio-Cultural perspective as a Cross- Cultural, Non-Denominational Place for the Community:

1. Community relations – International, national and local (community benefits)

(a) This ancient Labyrinth as an integral feature of the Bunbury International Gardens and provides a world recognised and symbolic focal point that invites the active coming together of all peoples, communities and cultures throughout history.

(b) Labyrinths in our modern times are a world-wide phenomena and are being created in varied places of community meeting and engagement to foster hope, harmony and wellbeing.

(c) Bunbury places itself as part of a national and international Labyrinth Network whose key aims are to practically bring peace and harmony to individuals and the wider communities in which they are created.

2. Community enterprise – (economic benefits)

(a) This Labyrinth close to the CBD and growing community and tourist resources will provide another level of attraction, significance and meaning. International, national and local people will be drawn to come to Bunbury, the CBD and beautiful and engaging foreshore.

(b) Bunbury including business and other community enterprises will have a natural, innovative and meaningful public space that they and the whole community can proudly and creatively use. This space adds significant commercial and cultural value and meaning for the whole city and region.

3. Community wellbeing – (personal and social benefits)

(a) This labyrinth is held within an accessible and inviting natural setting. It offers people young and old, able or disabled, a personal & public space and place to come, to walk, to sit, to find connection, and to quietly centre and Be.

(b) Labyrinths offer an active and contemplative medium and balm for the modern day dis-eases of disconnection, bustle and busyness. Close to the CBD it can be accessed by many of the community and business world.

(c) This Labyrinth as part of a natural walking, bicycling and transport route will give individuals and groups a place to come to, to reflect, to play and to enjoy the surrounds and meaning of this unique Bunbury International Garden.

(d) Research into the public use of natural settings and community open spaces are increasingly demonstrating the low cost and enduring individual health and community wellbeing benefits of this form of connection and engagement.

4. Community events – (personal, social and community benefits)

(a) This Garden Labyrinth with its invitation and intent to foster personal and community Hope and Harmony will become a focal point for many groups within the wider community and region to engage with and utilise.

(b) This Garden Labyrinth and surrounds is a non-denominational and inclusive cultural space that all groups, organisations and communities can use to support their respective aims and needs.

(c) The whole Garden and Labyrinth is a natural Meeting Place. It may be used by the Council and the wider community for public gatherings and events, for celebrations and for collective and personal honouring and meaning-making occasions. The imagined usage of this inviting space is unlimited.

5. Community engagement

(a) Community Engagement has been at the forefront of this Garden Labyrinth Project through conversations, interviews and presentations throughout the Greater Bunbury region and WA. More specifically:
– City of Bunbury
– Greater Bunbury Rotary Clubs (x3)
– Rural & Remote Mental Health Conference 2015
– ABC Community Radio
– Spirit Radio
– Community Radio
– SouthWest Times
– Bunbury Mail
– Australian Association of Occupational Therapy Conference 2016
– Senior Citizens
– WIGS – Women’s Interest Group 2017
– Community and health colleagues – From Fragmentation to Wholeness Seminar
– Mental Health Colleagues (Bunbury Health Campus)
– Multiple prominent leading businesses – Holcim, Simcoa, Piacentini’s
– Stirling St Arts
– Denmark Tree Song Retreat and Labyrinth Centre
– Albany Council and Peace Park

(b) A number of Community Events have been held and others are in the planning stage. More specifically:

– Art Auction; community engagement and fundraiser
– Rotary event – Sausage sizzles – Bunnings
– Hanami Day City of Bunbury- marking out of labyrinth and public engagement

(c) A Social Media profile and website have been created and is regularly updated to keep the wider community informed and engaged.

(d) Ongoing community engagement will continue and grow through media outlets, public presentations and consultations and our growing Membership initiative, such as Friends of The Labyrinth. Key stakeholders have ongoing and regular liaison from our Sponsorship team.

(e) Presentations were made at two Australian Health Conferences. It is hoped that the university sector will be engaged through ongoing research and practicum projects.

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