How to Walk a Labyrinth

How to Walk a Labyrinth


You’re invited to move through this labyrinth with an open heart. Simple follow the path and see where it leads you.

I wonder… How will you move through it?

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.

This is your space, allow what comes, make it your own, gather, walk alongside.

Welcome Disc

Each in our capacity enters the labyrinth in our own way, with a different experience each time:

  • a child will run in and around, following the curves
  • a local neighbour might come regularly to give extra care and water to the plants
  • a person using a wheelchair might move through the circular path, gaining a sense of the turns and cycles of the winding path
  • a worker in the midst of a busy life might walk the circular paths on their way from the car park to and from the CBD for work
  • a person might make a commitment to use the labyrinth as a structured path for exercise as part of physical rehabilitation, or as a space for walking mindfulness and anxiety management
Children Bike Riding the Bunbury Garden Labyrinth

3 ‘R’s

There are no right or wrong ways to walk a labyrinth, but generally there are 3 phases of a walk:

Releasing… on the way in, letting go of what no longer serves…

Receiving… a sense of peace & calm as you pause in the centre…

Resolving… to engage with the world in a new way as you follow the same path back out again…

Choose a favourite piece of relaxation or meditation music to accompany and guide your walk

Set an intention

For example: to reflect, celebrate, relax, have fun, explore, focus, connect, learn…

Resources for guidance

Emily Simpson from Sydney Labyrinth: Simple guide to walking the labyrinth: – Sydney Labyrinth

Australian Labyrinth Network:

The Labyrinth Society:

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