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We believe there is a need for a cross-cultural and non-denominational Place and Space for Hope & Harmony in Bunbury: where we all might Grow Strong through what comes to us. A Garden Labyrinth, for contemplation & reflection, alongside each other; a literal Space that could enable those who came, to find a Centre of peace and calm within the fullness and storminess of their lives.

This place would literally and metaphorically invite each walker simply to savour each step of the walk of his or her life. Where the journey to the centre could be seen as a time for slowing the mind; where the pause in the Centre could be an invitation to reflect and rejuvenate simply where you are. And then Walking out could signify the grounding and creative possibility for change.

We can learn to walk simply, walk consciously & walk lovingly, alongside each other, come what may. In this way we grow Hope.

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As a member you will:

  • Receive regular updates on the project through email and newsletters
  • Recieve invitations to special events
  • Receive a copy of the Model of Rules
  • Invited to Special General Meetings and AGM and have voting rights.


  • If your application is accepted, your name and address, as provided, must be recorded in a register of members and be made available to other members, up request, under section 27 of the Associations Incorporation Act
  • You must contact the organisation if any of your details change
  • Membership will be for a 12 month period (ending 30 June) and will need to be renewed annually
  • You can contact us via email: projectsofheartandsoul@westnet.com.au or contact the Secretary on Mobile 0438 806 136



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