Bunbury Garden Labyrinth is a public space, a place for hope, contemplation, and re-creation. The Committee of Management of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth WA Inc (formerly Projects of Heart and Soul WA Inc) have acted as formal guardians for Bunbury Garden Labyrinth through its design, build and construction phases. Now the build is complete, City of Bunbury has taken over responsibility for its ongoing maintenance, public liability and major event management. At the Opening Ceremony on 19th September 2020, the Committee of Management invited expressions of interest from people interested in becoming a Friends of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth.

Seeds have been sown, activation has begun, and we now hand this labyrinth over to you, the village, for your use, to live in and move through, step by step and onwards…

Friends of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth was formed in October 2020 as a looser, less formal group comprised of people with interest in using or encouraging the use of the labyrinth space and building a labyrinth community.

To be a Friend of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth might mean…

  • being a regular walker or someone who turns up occasionally
  • being the contact person and receiving phone and email requests for information, education and bookings
  • scheduling regular classes or annual community events, eg. facilitated labyrinth walks, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, dance, drama, music, drum circles, World Labyrinth Day, Summer Solstice, etc
  • encouraging community activation as a wellness space by individuals as well as groups, eg. schools, health workers, prisons, community groups, chaplains, etc
  • encouraging people to share their tales and reflections on social media from their experiences of walking or moving through the labyrinth
  • seeking to learn more about or providing training about labyrinths


Between October 2020 and August 2021, members of Friends of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth, in conjunction with the Committee of Management have engaged in the following activities:

  • Mind mapping ideas for activation and community engagement
  • Email chain and FoBGL messenger group chat for active participants
  • Facebook and Instagram pages created and linked
  • Summer Solstice Yoga session at labyrinth led by member of Friends of BGL group
  • Full moon yoga session held at labyrinth by member of Friends of BGL
  • Attended Bunbury Chinese New Year Lantern Festival at labyrinth and adjacent Bunbury Sister City Friendship Gardens with hand-made lanterns positioned around circular paths- generating interest by Bunbury and SW community
  • World Labyrinth Day, Sat 1st May – facilitated educational activities and mindful walk at the labyrinth
  • Liaising with Shining Hope Foundation & True Equanimity Yoga for World Suicide Prevention Day events to be held at labyrinth, 10-11 September 2021
  • Distributed promotional fliers to public venues around Greater Bunbury and South West Region
  • Encouraging networks to consider booking labyrinth as venue for gatherings and events such as Mental Health Week or Seniors Week, with bookings made through City of Bunbury

As we water and fertilise it, the labyrinth community will grow and change over time…

To find out more about becoming a Friend of Bunbury Garden Labyrinth or to tell your Tales From the Labyrinth, please contact us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BunburyGardenLabyrinthFriends  or

Instagram: Friends Bby Garden Labyrinth (@friendsofbbygardenlabyrinth) • Instagram photos and videos

Or Email: bunburygardenlabyrinth@gmail.com

Post by L Blyth, August 2021