“Hope is the vital factor that keeps individuals and communities going and growing. It is the essential ingredient that fuels our lives and creates a positive future. “ (Dr Loretta do Rozario)

Dr do Rozario, our Patron at Projects of Heart & Soul WA,Inc has spent her lifetime researching and working in our health and education systems …aiming to establish what are the key factors that will predetermine what makes for a ‘successful’ outcome in health and healing. She has clearly established that Hope is one of 5 key determinants in Wholeness and Reconstitution for people with chronic disabilities and illnesses. It is a foundational and Universal Principle to Living (and indeed dying) well.

With so many in our families and in our community, facing chronic dis-ease…this way of Hope seems Vital. With Hope we are able to see our lives and the events of our lives, from a Bigger Story perspective, we are less caught in the details. We are therefore more able to be With-in ourselves and With others. We are able to feel connected to others and their lives, and therefore less disillusioned and isolated. Because of this we may feel empowered and emboldened to take personal control of our lives and find Meaning in the Creative Possibilities that lie ahead.

During a typical walk through a labyrinth, which may take about 20 minutes to complete, the mind quiets, the breath slows and time stretches out. The relaxation response brings slower breathing, a slower heart rate, and lower blood pressure. We are then able to feel as if it is Possible to Respond with the next step of our lives. In this way step by step, we each are Growing Hope.

Image of Artwork – courtesy of Nari Jones – from Foundations for Hope series.