The Labyrinth is an ancient imprint found in many traditions in various forms around the world. It has been used through the ages as a way of accessing your intuition and wisdom, beyond your conscious mind. There is only one path in/out so you cannot get lost (unlike the later developed mazes). All you need to do is follow the path and trust it will lead you to the centre.

In recent years, the labyrinth (in many forms) is reappearing in many everyday places and spaces around the world, as a Focus point and medium for communities to come together through complex issues. Quantitatively and qualitatively there is now a huge body of research emerging from these everyday places – hospitals, hospices, prisons, community areas, parks and schools, suggesting that Labyrinths provide us with an opportunity to:

  • re-energise,
  • re-focus,
  • reduce stress
  • seek clarity,
  • facilitate calm, and
  • nurture the soul,” (Fairbloom, L. 2003).

Image – Toronto Public Labyrinth

A public labyrinth in the heart of the Eaton Centre, Trinity Square Park